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SOLIDWORKS Offers Three-Month and One-Year Licensing


The software industry has had its eyes on Adobe, which abruptly and radically changed its pricing from perpetual to term licensing in 2013.

Machine Learning Techniques Aim to Reduce Traffic


Sick of sitting in traffic? Deep reinforcement learning may be the answer.

Working with AutoCAD Layout View


In AutoCAD, you can treat your layout as a sheet of paper upon which you can arrange the parts of your drawing systematically, as well as add annotations and other details before creating the final output.

Siemens NX 11 Released with Convergent Modeling

NX 11
The latest version of Siemens’ NX software (NX 11) delivers the next big breakthrough in digital product development with Convergent Modeling.

Autodesk to Present at the Citi Global Technology Conference

Autodesk, Inc. will present at the Citi Global Technology Conference in New York, on Thursday, September 8 at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time.

Simulation—6 of the Most Embarrassing Mistakes You Can Make

simulation Mistakes

Modern simulation software does a lot with a little. You give it some simplified geometry and a few boundary conditions, and you get back brilliant results.

CorelCAD Unveils New CAD Mobile App

CorelCAD Unveils
CorelCAD has announced the introduction of a new Android app, CorelCAD Mobile, which gives designers and team leaders the ability to use CAD tools from their tablets or phones.

ASCON Releases Renga Architecture v2.4

ASCON Group, the developer and integrator of professional AEC, MCAD, and PLM systems, is pleased to announce a fresh release of Renga Architecture 2.4, its architectural design system.

Simulating Fluid Systems in MathWorks’ Simscape

MathWorks has just given engineers the ability to model fluid systems in its Simscape family of model-based design (MBD) CAE software.

COMSOL invites to participate in the COMSOL App Contest

COMSOL invites to participate in the COMSOL App Contest.

New Release Introduces Productivity Pack 3 for Civil 3D 2016

For users of AutoCAD Civil 3D and the Infrastructure Design Suites, a new add-on, Productivity Pack 3, has just been released with updated usability features and enhancements including all-new workflows for survey and mapping professionals.

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