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Picture story from Massivit 3D

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Corto Maltese
An exciting project recently undertaken by one of Massivit 3D’s customers.

We thought that this might be of use to you as a ‘photo application’ story?

Paris-based sign and display company, METROPOLE, 3D printed this life-size replica of the much-loved Corto Maltese - an Italian adventure comic book series named after the an enigmatic sea captain.

Marking 50 years since the series started entertaining European fans, the stunning model was produced to demonstrate 3D printing’s power to better engage target audiences. The 1.32-metre tall captain was 3D printed on the company’s Massivit 1800 in under three days. Once printed, Corto Maltese was spray painted for a more lifelike appearance.

Seated on a bench outside the Gare de Paris-Austerlitz, Corto Maltese is inviting commuters to join him for a selfie until the 31st October.

Corto Maltese 1

Corto Maltese 2

For more information, watch this video.