Siemens PLM Releases Kineo v5.0

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Version 5.0 of Kineo software components for path planning, collision detection and cable simulation are now shipping.

Version 5.0 of our Kineo software components for path planning, collision detection and cable simulation are now shipping. Major new developments include:

Kineo Flexible Cables

The first release of our new software component has been developed with a specific focus on applications in robotics. The cables that power articulated robot systems are prone to failure as a result of repeated stress and collisions in the operating environment. These risks are minimized by optimizing dynamic cable performance and reducing material stresses in a virtual prototype.
Kineo Flexible Cables enables you to model collision-free cable behavior in motion simulation applications. For technical details, please visit the Kineo Flexible Cables web page. Please subscribe to our blog if you’d like to receive updates as we dig deeper into this new technology.

KineoWorks Interact

Building applications that benefit from our software components for path-planning, collision detection and cable simulation is easier than ever with the launch of KineoWorks Interact. This user-friendly tool enables you to customize a rich graphical user interface for developing your own sophisticated application based on our technologies.

KineoWorks interact is perfect for OEMs and System Integrators with limited software development resources, who recognize the value in developing state-of-the-art software solutions for robot simulation, digital mock-up, accessibility studies and related applications. For further information, please visit the KineoWorks Interact page.

KineoWorks and Kineo Collision Detector

KineoWorks now offers an integrated tool for computing an envelope around static and moving parts. In the case of static parts or assemblies, this “wrapping” capability generates very light-weight data representations. User-defined levels of tessellation enable you to represent space allocation, without exposing confidential product detail. In the case of moving parts, a comprehensive “swept volume” enables you to determine space allocation for moving parts. For further information, please visit the KineoWorks page.

Kineo Collision Detector now offers direct support for collision and clearance analysis on point clouds, with no need to convert the point cloud data. For further information, please visit the Kineo Collision Detector page.

Both components also benefit from a new C# interface, support Visual Studio 2015 as well as compatibility with our new KineoWorks Interact product for developing rich applications quickly and easily.