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Auto 3D printing drives forward with Divergent-Altran partnership

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In September, auto 3D printing start-up Divergent 3D received a series boost from the PSA Group—owners of Peugeot, Citroën and DS Automobiles.

Now, the firm has announced news that will drive the company even further, a global development partnership with engineering research and development firm Altran.

Divergent 3D may be a potentially game-changing start-up due to the fact that it aims to overhaul the way we manufacture automobiles. Rather than use massive stamping and tooling operations, the company has developed a hardware and software platform for building cars with 3D-printed metal nodes. These nodes are connected to one another using carbon fiber tubes already in use in the aerospace industry, making the basis for the car's chassis. According to Divergent 3D, this will not only lower the barrier to entry for auto manufacturing, but will also significantly reduce the greenhouse gases emitted to produce cars.

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