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Bentley introduces OpenRoads ConceptStation

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Roadway and bridge design has never been and will never be a small task for civil engineering professionals.

Preliminary mapping surveys, bench marks, locating property lines, locating features in close proximity to the project (buildings, fences, trees, driveways, other roads, water features, culverts, etc.), cross-sections, impact assessments, cost estimates and more are just a part of what’s required to get the process underway.

Then there’s the actual conceptual design, engineering, detailing and construction. In this age of technology, automation, integration and building information modeling (BIM), though, project information is more readily available and the conceptual design process can be completed much more quickly.

Recently, Bentley Systems announced the release of a new BIM software that aims to accomplish just that.

On the Open Road
OpenRoads ConceptStation is a new modeling application that allows civil engineering professionals to create conceptual road and bridge models much more quickly—within hours as opposed to days. One of the ways OpenRoads ConceptStation is able to accomplish this is by utilizing relevant BIM data from sources such as existing point clouds, reality meshes, GIS, etc.

Building on that existing BIM data, OpenRoads ConceptStation allows for better decision making by utilizing project cost and engineering drawing tools. The combination of these tools helps to increase design productivity, identify risks and minimize project costs.

These tools allow engineers and designers to evaluate more options and costs during the planning stage of a project. Final conceptual design models are then uploaded to either OpenRoads or OpenBridge. This promises both to streamline the process and to help to ensure that the original design intent is carried through the rest of the project workflow, all the way through construction.