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CorelCAD Unveils New CAD Mobile App

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CorelCAD Unveils
CorelCAD has announced the introduction of a new Android app, CorelCAD Mobile, which gives designers and team leaders the ability to use CAD tools from their tablets or phones.

Mobile CAD applications are one of the biggest trends sweeping through the design industry at the moment, and CorelCAD isn’t waiting around to deliver its own version of a portable design tool.

According to the company, CorelCAD Mobile is a robust CAD app that supports 2D drawing and editing, and 3D viewing.

In addition to drawing capabilities, CorelCAD gives users the ability to annotate drawings with text notes, confirm critical dimensions in a drawing, and revise key data. For drafters or project leaders who are out in the field, this type of mobile access to drawings and project information can make it possible to implement design changes quickly and respond immediately to customer input.

Aside from being a working CAD app, CorelDraw Mobile can also act as a presentation tool. Rather than printing out reams of paper drawings, the app can be paired with a video projector and used to communicate design ideas with clients and colleagues. If changes need to be made to a drawing, CorelCAD Mobile can be used to edit drawings on the fly.

“With the introduction of CorelCAD Mobile, customers can now access a seamless workflow that delivers everything they need from the power to create 2D and 3D models with CorelCAD on their desktop, to the ability to review, annotate and present their designs on a mobile device. CorelCAD also offers direct connectivity to CorelDRAW, giving users access to a full-featured illustration application that’s an ideal environment for creating sketches and presentation graphics,” said Klaus Vossen, senior product manager at CorelCAD.

CorelCAD Mobile is available now and comes with a free one-year license for registered CorelCAD users. The app can also be downloaded as a fully functional 30-day free trial. Even if you decide not to upgrade after the trial period, the app can be used for free in Simple mode, offering. DWG viewing, simple annotation and file sharing options.