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Simulating Fluid Systems in MathWorks’ Simscape

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MathWorks has just given engineers the ability to model fluid systems in its Simscape family of model-based design (MBD) CAE software.

As a result, Simscape Fluids comes as part of the company’s 2016a release of its portfolio.
Simscape users create acausal models of systems that can then be integrated into other MDB, 1D simulation and mathematical software. For example, it can connect to state machines in Stateflow, MATLAB’s functions and block diagrams in Simulink.

By simulating the system within one user interface (UI), Simscape, engineers will benefit from a streamlined workflow and user experience. This will therefore make it easier to optimize the system and create the control systems. Additionally, users will be able to detect integration issues within the system earlier in the development cycle.

Thanks to the thermal liquid model libraries provided by Simscape Fluids, engineer can now also simulate heat exchangers, pipes, valves and other components that operate with fluids. As a result, fluid power, heaters, coolers and transportation systems can now be modeled and optimized using Simscape.

“Simscape Fluids is a valuable addition to Simscape that allows us to use simulation to solve problems in complex fluid systems such as liquid cooling systems in engines and water heating systems in buildings,” said Jean Brunet, deputy CEO at Sherpa Engineering.

“An added advantage is that by working with Simulink, Simscape Fluids is part of a united environment for developing control algorithms and physical systems,” continued Brunet. “This increases the value of model-based design by enabling a more useful and elaborate executable specification.”

In other words, Simscape models can be compiled into C code and then embedded into virtual testing environments. These processor-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop testing capabilities will reduce the need for physical prototypes.

“Simscape Fluids is another step in our continued investment in the Simscape platform and libraries for modeling physical systems,” said Paul Barnard, marketing director, MathWorks. “Simscape Fluids is an important component in our solutions for engineers who tune closed-loop actuation systems and evaluate system-level performance of heating and cooling systems. Now, engineers working with automotive, aerospace and industrial machinery can easily use simulation to verify system behavior without relying on hardware prototypes.”

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